DEK since 1990
Your partner in innovation and good reputation.
Design and implementation of complex videoconferencing
projects. Providing high-end videoconferencing systems,
own products design as add-on to multimedia
solutions. Room automation. Room renting.
Helping mobile machine manufacturers
find best fitting automation solutions.
We offer consistent system designs
and solve problems that leave most companies puzzled.
DEK electronics d.o.o.
Zaloška cesta 145, 1120 Ljubljana, Slovenija
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DEK electronics was first founded in 1990 providing its customers with top quality hardware, of which some is still installed and in full function today. Our professional attitude, decades of experience and flexibility throughout the years allowed us to adapt to our customers needs while maintaining high quality products and services.
We are active in two broad departments: Automation of wide range of mobile machines and industrial processes and distribution of Videoconferencing systems as well as custome made videoconferencing solutions.
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