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OPUS A6e - Technology for Convenience

The OPUS A6e is the first choice for complex HMI (Human Interface) which rely on the processing of a wide range of information. This unit features a bright, high-resolution display with a great picture - and therefore offers complete ease of use under all operating conditions.  
With an optimised size of 7" and a 800x480 pixel resolution, everything the operator needs is perfectly readable. The large 512 MB or optional 1 GB of memory, combined with the 32-bit, 532 MHz processor, is ideally suited to demanding applications. The device can be orientated either horizontally or vertically and we can supply it in either standalone or dashboard options.  
A built-in camera input allows you to easily connect an OPUS camera. Further features of the OPUS A6e are two CANbus ports and four configurable inputs either analog or digital. The OPUS A6e can also be fitted with an analog resistive touch- screen and two additional camera inputs as optional extras.  
The high degree of automation in today‚Äôs machines creates large volumes of output every day. Achieving this requires a diversity of high-quality input, and that is where our OPUS A6 series proves its mettle. The OPUS A6e and OPUS A6s offer mature technologies that are anything but conventional. They have been developed for machines with a hunger for data. They can also be optionally expanded. The standard product gives you a powerful device that already has an individual character.  

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