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OPUS A6s - For Perfectionists

The difference is in the sum of all the details. Where the features of the OPUS A6e are still not enough, there is always its "big brother": the OPUS A6s. This model can offer many additional and practically relevant features where the technical demands are greater. It offers a bright 7" display coupled with up to three video inputs.  
The full-speed USB 2.0 input on the front is best suited to high-speed data exchange and is positioned in the casing of the unit for maximum protection against the elements. Available as a standalone or dashboard solution, the unit offers twelve softkeys and three hard keys, plus four digital or analog inputs.  
A multi-color LED and a standard LED provide immediate visual indication to the operator of any faults detected.  
The high-performance, 32-bit, 532 MHz processor and the memory capacity of either 512 MB or 1 GB of RAM plus 128 or 256 MB of DDR2 make the OPUS A6s a powerful heavyweight. Fitted with two CANbus ports, it leaves no wish unfulfilled. A front-mounted, high-speed USB port and 3 camera inputs can also be included as optional extras. Problemfree functionality is assured by the trusted Embedded Linux operating system.  
The high degree of automation in today’s machines creates large volumes of output every day. Achieving this requires a diversity of high-quality input, and that is where our OPUS A6 series proves its mettle. The OPUS A6e and OPUS A6s offer mature technologies that are anything but conventional. They have been developed for machines with a hunger for data. They can also be optionally expanded. The standard product gives you a powerful device that already has an individual character.  

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