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DEK electronics was founded in 1990 providing its customers with top quality software and hardware solutions for automation. We value professional attitude, good communication, knowledge, experience and flexibility and we always find a way to adapt to our customer’s needs while maintaining high quality products and services.

The company has more than one large branch. The first one is mobile machines and process automation, the second is distribution of videoconferencing systems and custom made videoconferencing solutions and the latest one is distribution and application of lighting solutions.

DEK electronics specializes in designing specific control systems for new machines and reconstruction of old ones, using leading European CAN producers electronic components or even our own. In cooperation with the customer we program the complete application software. In this context we offer the following services:
- Consulting
- System design
- Programming
- Commissioning service
- Training
- Software transfer

We understand and value our client’s need for independence. Our goal is to produce application software that can easily be handed over (plug and play), while providing specific training for the client. Our customers are encouraged to maintain their application software after purchase and implement new functions by themselves, if that is what they prefer. Our cooperation during and after the implementation of the projects can be done in number of ways, through personal participation or through Web or video conference. <<
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DEK electronics d.o.o.
Zaloška cesta 145
1120 Ljubljana
Slovenija, EU
Davčni zavezanec: DA
ID za DDV: SI 64446093
Banka: Banka Celje d.d.
TTR: 06000-0060209460
Telefon: +386 1 5461 187
Faks: +386 1 5244 422
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Besides developing complete automation solutions, we mentor customers’ development projects, helping them plan and configure their own prototypes. We carry out complete renovations of our clients’ application software and design specific training to provide them with knowledge for independent further maintenance.
Helping mobile machine manufacturers find best fitting automation solutions for over 30 years. We offer consistent and complete automation solutions that meet our customers’ wants and needs.
The videoconference department has been going on strong for the last 25 years. We are focused on keeping up with new trends, while building long term relationships with our customers
Direktor: Aleš Doberlet
telefon: +386 1 5461 130

Namestnik direktorja:
mag. Dragan Uležić
telefon: +386 1 5461 109

Vodja projektov:
ing. meh. Srđan Kosić
telefon: +386 1 5461 109

univ.dipl.ekon. Maja Uležić
telefon: +386 1 5461 187
DEK electronics d.o.o.
Zaloška cesta 145, 1120 Ljubljana, Slovenija, EU

DEK electronics d.o.o., Zaloška cesta 145, 1120 Ljubljana, Slovenija, EU

DEK electronics d.o.o.
Zaloška cesta 145, 1120 Ljubljana, Slovenija
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Our services
Our automation solutions are customized
and vary considerably from customer
to customer. From a system design
to mere consultations, our role and the level
of our involvement in a project depend
on the customer's wishes and needs.
Customer support
We see our customers through every project phase
and offer committed after-sales support.
Our customers know they can rely on us
and we take great pride in the trust we earn.