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>> Cable harnesses
We started designing cable and wiring harnesses to organize and protect multi-wire systems and simplify the installation of our automation solutions. Having a wide variety of applications, harnesses are used in aerospace and automotive industries, medicine, telecommunications, commercial buildings, and even home electronic applications.

A high-quality harness secures the wires against vibrations, abrasions, and moisture to increase their lifespan. Reducing the possibility of wire damage decreases the risk of a short circuit, flame-retardant sleeves help lower the risk of electrical fires. There are many durable harness materials, it is important to select the most beneficial ones for your needs.

Our harnesses are customized to meet almost any specification and create carefully fitted wiring solutions for any type of environment. Housings, adapters and cable accessories can be designed specifically for each machine and printed out on 3-D printers using tested materials, ranging from brittle to flexible plastic (TPU), depending on specific requirements.

Housings and adapters do not need to be installed in the only available space anymore. They are designed to fit any size of space and can be installed in the functionally optimal space. This eliminates long wires and excessive joints.

Prepared harnesses are equipped with connectors. The installation is a matter of plugging the connectors as opposed to installing and connecting multiple wires. The process is much simpler, so the possibility of mistakes and installation time are significantly reduced. <<
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